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India's enormous human potential is an issue that has been spoken about constantly. Basic education and the ability to turn out technical resources has been India's forte. Consequently, a large number of its educated human resources are sought after worldwide. We  as practitioners of human resources development, we have noticed a BIG shortfall in managerial skills and consequently, a vacuum at the top levels of most companies.

Having executed projects and managed teams alone isn't enough, what India needs is leadership and strategic skills. The ability definitely exists in India, but now more than ever, the vacuum is increasingly evident. Technology intensive industries typically need skills: and finding technical skills and the right leadership abilities in a package has been a constant struggle. This is something we have dealt with constantly over the last few years.

 Entier intends to produce and train leaders within teams and organizations. Building a capacity for leadership, and making sure that it's in-house rather than grafted on to organizations from elsewhere increases the chances of successful leadership.

 Entier offers customized solutions in the areas of soft skills that specialize in Business Communication and Leadership. 

(a) For corporate clients:

  • Conduct comprehensive Training-Need-Analysis (TNA),
  • Provide customized training need solutions for higher  performance
  • Return on training investments.

(b) English language improvement courses

(C) Training modules on:

    • Leadership Skills - provides internationally acclaimed leadership programs on

            Attracting, Developing and Retaining Talents
            Building and Leading High Performing Teams
            Decision-Making & Problem Solving
            Coaching skills
            From Vision to Action: getting results through others
            Getting prepared for the leadership role
            Interviewing & Selection skills
            Leading in Difficult Times
            Managing change & continuous improvement
            Mentoring skills
            Reaching Consensus & Finding win/win Team solutions
            Motivating your team
            Reaching Consensus & Finding win/win Team solutions
            Supervisory skills
            Delegation Skills

    • Behavioural Skills - gives the participants greater self insight & understand group processes
    • Soft Skills - tools for better communication English language improvement courses INTERNATIONAL ACCLAIMED COURSES


With Entier’s commitment to build potential ‘corporate ready’ leaders in India, we intend to train engineering, management and other graduates through branded career management programs.

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